Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hungry for more raw!

Okay, I've been gone for a minute, but I am back! And I will blogging on a regular.

So what have I been up to? Well, I like to continue to educate myself on all things healthy and fitness. In that regard, sometime last fall, I attended a raw food cooking class. Now I was a skeptic, thinking, yeah right, are these people serious? I had no idea what raw food really was. Sure, fruits and veggies, I get that, but was that it?

And as a personal trainer, I'm sitting in the class thinking, "Where's the protein?" It went against everything I had learned and studied. Hmmm. Then we tasted the food. I was sold on the first bite!

Why does raw food taste so good? Because you are getting to food as close to nature as possible. You might as well be taking a bite of the apple while it is still on the tree! Everything is fresher, tastier, and tickles your taste buds. It's the food combinations that really get you. With 3 simple ingredients: raw cocoa powder, raw walnuts and pitted dates, you can make INCREDIBLE raw brownies.

Or how about all the tasty green smoothies you can make? Or incredible raw treats like raw fudge, or almond butter cookies, or raw caramels? Have a salty craving like me? Try zucchini chips or kale chips with your favorite seasoning.

There foods you can eat while raw or limitless!

The thing I LOVE most about eating raw is I don't have to count calories. I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. Some days that may be 1000 calories, sometimes 1800. Every few days I spot check my calories. No need to do it every day.

I attended my second raw food cooking class on Sunday. And I signed up for a third the next day. Okay, just call me the raw food fanatic!

So, it had always been my plan to study nutrition and become a certified nutritionist. Well, I decided that I want to study raw foods more, so I will be going that route! So excited about my next endeavor.

As always, I am here to train, to coach, and now to teach others about a raw food lifestyle!