Monday, October 4, 2010

Set realistic goals

What I am finding that works for me, is not only do I have yearly goals (you may call them resolutions if you like) but also having monthly goals. You can break them down even further into weekly goals and daily goal (or also called To-Do list but more on that later.)

Let’s start with yearly goals, are as most of us would like to call it New Year’s resolutions. I think there is nothing wrong with making resolutions. It’s just your goals for the year. Most people want a significant amount of weight loss each year, financial status to be more stable, add in traveling that year, finish that project that has taken the back burner for years or something. A yearly goal/resolution will mean that you will achieve this SOMETIME in the year.

Monthly goals are where you can break it down even further. Want to lose 30 pounds? Break it down to 5 pounds a month here. You can also include how you will achieve this. No fast food for the month, pack your lunches every day, exercise, etc.

Weekly goal get even more detailed. For example, to lose 5 pounds a month, that’s about 1 pound a week, so set that as a weekly goal. Increasing your water intake to 8 glasses a day can be a weekly goal. Working out 45 minute every day is another weekly goal.

Daily goals, or what I like to call my “To-Do List” includes everything, even my non-lifestyle goals. I’ll put if I need to write a blog on my list (I have 4 different blogs), or that I need to write in my novel or screenplay, or that I need to go grocery shopping. I also put my exercise down, and if I know what I am doing I put what I will be doing.

Writing these goals down helps you to visualize it better, this leads you to actually achieving them. Go ahead, try it!

My Goals for October:
1. No late night snacking.
2. Total of at least 60 minute workout 6 days a week.
3. 14+ cups water a day.
4. Write something every day
5. Finish at least one ACE CEC this month.

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