Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tales from a yo-yo dieter

Oh, yes, I am...WAS...a yo-yo dieter. I have been super skinny, 103 pounds at age 22 in college. And my highest point 165 in my 30s. Geesh! The years in between I had lost and gained many many times. Once I took my before picture I was like...THIS STOPS NOW!!

I may not get a super, smokin' hot body, but I was going to get in better shape. One of the most famous yo-yo diets ever is my musical idol (and body inspiration) Janet Jackson. For years most people know that I have been obsessed with Janet Jackson's body. In fact, this is just one of the pics that motivated me to get in shape.
But Janet Jackson is the ultimate yo-yo dieter! Her weight has fluctuated since she was a teenager. She's not naturally thin....she works hard to get her body in tip top shape for magazine and album covers, tours and whatever. When she is not working on a project, Janet just lets herself go. Check out her before and afters....

Or should I say after and before?!? This is when she was small and then gained. She was 117 and gained and got up to 160!! Here's one of her at 180 pounds dropping to 120.

Yeah, what an idol to have! Janet, Janet, Janet...but, what she does is motivate me to end the cycle. Stop yo-yo dieting! I will keep my hot body once I get it.

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