Tuesday, August 10, 2010

There are no quick fixes

A co-worker once asked me "Can I lose 10 pounds by the end of the year?" I looked her dead in the face and said, "You? No." Why? Because she needed to lose about 30 total, she really is not considered "overweight" by the average American standard (but probably so according to a BMI scale). And because 10 pounds is a lot to lose when you don't have that much to really lose.

I should know about this. It took me 14 months to lose 41 pounds, and the last 10 was not easy. In fact, I regained that last 10 back and it is ebing VERY stibborn right now. So the co-workere tells me she has really been watching what she eats, showing me carrot sticks and hummus. Okay, that's good. Eating better foods is going in the right direction.

So then she tells me she just started doing exercise. Okay fine lady, but really, nothing you can say would make me tell you you can lose 10 pounds in a month. Realistically I told her, it IS possible...she just won't achieve it. That is more than 2 pounds a week, and unless she is perfect with eating and exercise (which I know she is not) then she will not see that big of a loss.

Am I mean? I just like to tell the truth. Now, if she was really, really serious about losing the weight I would tell her exactly what she needs to do to push her body for the next 4 weeks to get a 2+ pound loss a week. Honestly folks, most people can't take that kind of work. Think of the Biggest Loser contestant workouts. It's killer on the body and the mind. Heck, I can barely do 2 or more hours a day of working out!!

I hope she is happy with whatever loss she achieves. I also explained that by doing strength training, she could slim down and not see much results on the scale, and actually fit into her dress.

The point is...there are no quick fixes!! I had to learn this myself and hope to teach others as well. Weight loss is a process and not a race to the finish line.

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