Tuesday, January 4, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 4: Hip Hop Abs

Shaun T is just a cutie, what can I say.  Love all my Hip Hop Abs workouts.  He does not disappoint.  The one I did was the first Fat Burning Cardio.  It's only about 30 minutes, and I wanted to do another workout after it, but geesh, I'm good!

Hip Hop Abs is an aerobic workout that uses dance, hip hop dance that is, to work the core.  I like how he breaks down the moves.  Very simple.  I remember when I first got HHA about 3 years ago, I looked at a lot of the moves like he was crazy.  But they really are not tough, and if you are doing it at home, alone, stop worrying about looking like a video dance queen.  If it's fun and you are sweaty, the workout is doing its job.

I had to share when I first got it.  I thought the family would get a kick out of it, and do all the dances.  So I brought it over my sister's house, and she tried a few moves, but the kids loved it even more.  We all kind of were shaking our bootal\y and having fun.  I think even those with two left feet, and the rhythm-less nation folks can enjoy this.

The core is worked by Shaun's "tilt, tuck, tighten" way you engage your core.  I mean, you can do the whole workout and not do the 3 Ts, but you won't work your core.  When you really do the 3 Ts, you feel it!  The workout is so fun, you won't even believe how fast the times goes by.

My fave moves are the "up-rock," the "get busy" and I like the "throwdown."

30 minutes total workout AND I did 30 minutes of the Wii Fit Plus beforehand, hence why I was too tired to do anything else.  Another successful day!

Love to dance like me?  Try Hip Hop Hustle!

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