Sunday, January 2, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 2: P90X Kenpo X

This is my favorite workout of all the P90X workouts so I just had to do it today!  It was brutal on my arms, but the fun brutal...I mean, the I know it's the burning something brutal.

The workout is 58 minutes, and about halfway through I am thinking I cannot make it, but I always finish up.  Tony saying, "There ain't no tired!" kinda helped me along.  I felt rusty, like I have not been working out for awhile...and it's true, I have missed a few workouts around the holiday season.  I want to get back to my fit self and murder this workout like I'm standing next to Tony and he's yelling at me.  Though he's not Jillian, he's not that kind of trainer. 

I like them both!

Between Tony, Shaun T, Chalene Johnson, Jillian Michaels...I can't pick!  Okay, maybe Jillian is my number one to workout with and yell at me.  Chalene would be second, but she doesn't yell, but her energy level and her enthusiasm about her workouts just keep you going.  Shaun T would be third.  He just cracks me up! I'm still mad at him about Insanity, sheesh!  Tony Horton, you're good too, buuuut, he's to nice, he's to gentile, he doesn't have the fire like Chalene has, BUT he works you out like nobody's business!

I love the punches at the end of Kenpo!  Can I just do that for 58 minutes?  Sure, my arms may fall off afterwards, but they would be tone and strong.  Okay, maybe not.  I like the block series as well.  This is just my go-to workout, well one of, when I really don't want to workout or if I have not worked out in awhile and need to be pumped back up. Does the trick every time!

Can't wait for tomorrow!

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