Tuesday, January 25, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 25: P90X Shoulders & Arms

P90X! BRING IT! BRING IT! X me! X me!

If nothing else, Tony DOES motivate you.  And he has lots of quotes I love to say.

"Just do your best, and forget about the rest!"

Another late work out, but I got it in1!  Just get it in!  That's all we can do.  So I needed some strength training this week, and I love working arms, and P90X Shoulders and Arms is a beast for arms.  Man!  After this work out, you will feel your bi's and tri's and deltoids.  Yeah baby!

Okay, I'm a little pumped.  I like P90X as a whole....just cannot (or have a desire to) follow it for 90 days!  Geesh!  Now if I throw it in whenever needed, or as I see fit, or just to mix it up then I can do it.  I'm thinking of doing Shoulders & Arms once a week, but I won't set that in stone.

I used light and medium weights because well, I'm a wimp.  I really wanted to Hustle again, but I really needed to give that a break....least for today.  I'll be back at it tomorrow.   Thinking of doubling my workouts!  So that will be 2 workouts daily.  Hmmmm, I need it!

BRING IT!  59 minutes total today.

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