Monday, January 3, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 3: Mel B Totally Fit

Scary Spice tried to kill me today!!

This workout is "bloody murder" as she likes to say.  Don't think this is a wimpy workout, because Mel B aka Scary Spice delivers big on this workout.  It's supposed to be a mix of cardio and strength training, but it felt like more strength training and less cardio to me.

The sections are broken down like this:
Warm up
Advanced Cardio
Cool Down

Yes, she's so cute with her "bums" and tums."  Her accent is totally wicked man!  She's my favorite (and the only one I ever and still care for) Spice Girl.  Her body is frikkin amazing!

The warm up is about five minutes and is a typical warm up, nothing fancy.  Then the cardio part is one minute intervals of doing each side of the body, say like, punches.  It's not cardio in the typical sense of constant moving, but it does keep the heart rate up. It helps that Mel B has such a cute personality and she always has these little sayings.

"I sweatin' like a you know what?"

"I'm no crying, that's sweat, I promise."

I find myself talking to her a lot, or yelling at her.  But hey, that makes me feel like she is personally training me. And yes, I know, she is NOT a personal trainer, but she might as well be.  The only problem I would have with the workout is that there is no beginner moves.  So I would say this is for the intermediate to advance exerciser.

The advanced cardio is NOT cardio!!  It's a total body strength training routine and I like it....buuuuut, it's bloody murder!  Mel B even wimps out and puts down one of her weights (she actually uses 2 filled water bottles, and others have soup cans).  It makes me want to wimp out, then they show a shot of her glistening abs and I'm like "Heck no, I can do this!"

You want results man, they don't come by doing one crunch or two...try like total body workout and healthy eating!  Oh yeah, she also has a section on nutrition and talks about things to eat.  She also prepares a meal with her husband.

I did not do the individual body parts, THIS TIME, I gotta work my way  up to that.  I did about 40 minutes total.  I plan on doing this again Wednesday and Friday for my ST days.  My cardio I like to mix it up.  The plan was to rotate all my workouts this month and come up with a workable plan for February, so we shall see.  I get bored real fast when my workouts are the same thing over and over, I like variety on like a WEEKLY basis.  Still have not done any of my new workouts, but I will soon!


  1. I'm doing the 30-day shred with Jillian Michaels. Mel B sounds "nicer" but her workout sounds a lot harder.

  2. It's harder because it's longer, total time I believe is 60+ minutes, I don't know for sure it's been a while since I did the whole thing. I may do 30-Day Shred next week.