Thursday, January 6, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 5: Mel B's Murdering Arms

Another go at Mel B's Totally Fit last night.  She was brutal or in her words "bloody murder!"  Along with some of her other favorite words...

"This kills!"

"I'm sweaty!"

"Halfway here."

"This burns."

"Oh wow!"

And my fave, "Wow, wow, willy wonkers!"

I wanted to do the complete workout, but realized that is one lo-oong workout, so I settled for the same workout as Monday but added arms.  I wanted to stress the importance of weight lifting to your workout.  It is a must!  No if, ands or buts about it!  Strength train or weight lift at least 3 days a week!  Why?  Because muscles burn more than fat!  And isn't that a nice bonus.

Typically, you want to work the complete body in a session, but for some, breaking it down by muscle groups works for a more concentrated strength training workout.  Like arms one day, legs another, chest and back on another.  Abs can be worked with either group you like, but it is a muscle group like the others, so don't neglect nor over work it.

Now for arms, make sure you work biceps as well as triceps AND shoulders (deltoids).  Most don't think to work something like shoulders, but nice sculpted shoulders look awesome in a tank top!  Mel B's workout hit all those 3 and she doesn't even use heavy weights.  She uses 2-pound water bottles.  I had my smallest hand weights, 1-pounders.  Trust me, you FEEL it, no need to get macho with it.  I have used 5-pounds, but I need to work my way up with that.

You're not doing the typical 12-14 rep set.  You are basically fatiguing that muscle by going for a minute with each exercise.  I did not count the reps, but say for like bicep curls, you do at least 30 of them in a minute, and likely up to 45.  I have to go at my one speed because it really burns!

With just adding the arms and doing the warm up, cardio, advanced cardio and cool down, that was a 55 minute workout!  Friday I will attempt to do legs, bums and tums!

I'll do whatever I can to get a body like Mel B!

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