Thursday, February 24, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 55: Hustle Madness

Tonight I did 90 minutes of Hustle! HustleMania is what it is.

First I did Hip Hop Hustle 1, The Show part.  I like this one because it is the easiest of all the Hustle Shows.  But while it may be a little easier, it is way cool!  I especially like the end when the song changes and you do the "What, what? What is up?" move. That whole routine lasted about 30 minutes.

Then next I did Hip Hop Hustle 9.  I like this one for the Beyonce move.  It is also very fast paced and I like the music. At the end she goes into the "stepping" part of the routine, and I had to stop.  Booo!  I had already done 30 minutes and had to move on to the next Hustle.

Hustle 11 of course is my FAVE!  It is to "My Chick Bad," so that's why I really love it.  It's so high energy and I love every move, BUT....

Can you work out when you are dead tired?  I mean sleepy tired! I mean, I could barely keep my eyes open tired.  I mean, I am tripping over my feet tired.  Like the tired where I pushed myself to continue and give my all, but unless I wanted to fall flat on my face, it wasn't happening.  I just wanted to make it to 30 minutes, but 25 and I had to do the cool down.

Counting the warm-up and cool-down it was exactly 90 minutes.  Whew!  So tired.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 54: Turbo Jam!!

I fell in love with Turbo Jam three years ago.  I thought Chalene Johnson was the cutest thing ever! Just a bundle of energy.  I strive to be like her one day.

I have a long, long way, since I am quiet by nature, sort of shy and keep to myself.  If I want to be the type of fitness guru that she is, I need to step up my game.  I began my studying of Hip Hop Hustle and Turbo Kick today.  A lot to learn.  And I am talking 3 booklets worth.  To get my Instructor certification, I have to take a written and practical exam.

Bring it!

I think I can "pass."  There are 3 ranks I could receiver after my testing: gold, pass, in training.  Can I at least get pass? I read that the gold is hard to achieve.  And being that I am a newbie, I hope I do not get stuck in "in training."

One thing I need to focus on when practicing for the practical is saying the cues out loud. I'm really, really bad with that.  But I know one thing, I do better with live classes AND with an audience.  That should pump me up.

Tonight I did 40 minutes of Turbo Jam Turbo Sculpt and then the 20 minute Turbo Jam workout.  An hour workout time today, so I'm good!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 53: A few days off

I took Sunday and Monday off because I was too wiped out still on Sunday and Monday time just got away from me.

But I am back!!

It's going to be a lot of Hustle and Turbo Jam going on, me getting prepared for Instructor training.  Nervous big time!  I have never done anything like this.  All I can do is try my best.

Tonight I did 40 minutes of Hustle, but I am trying to work my way up to 90 minutes a day!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 50: Live Hip Hop Hustle & Turbo Kick

I have not been skimping on my workouts just not interesting enough to blog about.

Well, till today!!

I did hip hop Hustle and Turbo Kick in a live class today.  I have not done that in awhile, usually just workout at home.  This was great practice for me and my training in 3 weeks.  Loved it!

Only complaint is that I came late and was stuck in the back.  TK was first and was so cool.  Had not done this in awhile, so it was cool.  I caught on pretty good.  I could not see the instructor so I was winging it and watching others.

Hustle was real fun! She did Hustle 15 which is the newest and is a Nicki Minaj medley of songs.  And those songs are hype and makes you want to dance all day.  The instructor filmed it and I am in it for a few seconds.  Here's the link

So I did an hour forty five minutes with those 2 classes, AND then I came home to do TWO more Hustles because my sister wanted to do them with me.  I had fun teaching her the moves and she was actually catching on!  I think I may be a good instructor afterall.   And that was another hour of workout.

Total workout time: 165 minutes!!

50 days down, 50 more to go!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 47: Back in business

The foot is good so I put in Hip Hop Hustle 11.  Addicted to it!

The foot started to twinge, but no real pain...till later.  It feels like I ran 10 miles on one foot.  Like a burning kind of pain.  Okay, So I will take it easy the next few days.

And MY taking it easy is not like MOST taking it easy.  I still go all out, I just will do something that keeps my foot happy.  I LOVE dancing, but that seems to be what is messing it up right now.  I have two classes I am taking this weekend, Turbo Kick and Hip Hop Hustle, and I want to be able to RAWK it!

Oh, I think I have decided to run a 5K in April.  I haven't even done any training, but um, I think I can do it.  I'm not doing it for a time, I'm doing it to say I can do it.  3.1 miles, to me...right now...sounds EASY, but err-ummm, once I get in a bit of training, I may slap myself in the head for thinking such a thought.  I started training for a 5K 2 years ago and messed my knee up and stopped.  I think I was hitting 3 miles at 50 minutes.  I would love to get it in under 45.  Sheesh!  I better train hard, so foot behave!

60 minute stotal workout today!  Woohoo! Tomorrow I go for more.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 46: Just like riding a bike

A stationary bike that is!

I needed a quick workout while I gave in to my guilty pleasure TV show Hellcats ("Hell, to the yeah!").  I usually try and ride the full hour, but I did 30 minutes to fulfill my commitment and did other things while watching.  I had a busy night and I still wanted (want) to get to bed at a decent hour. 

The bike was fine and I did some intervals to really burn.  I still WANTED to do more of a workout, but I understand I cannot push myself like I did last week and risk that horrible ankle/foot pain again, or burnout and not workout for 2 days straight.

The ankle is 100% better, and I have not felt any pain this week.  I think those 2 days of doing nothing helped, and even though I felt lazy, I feel better now than I would have if I pushed myself to workout.

Listen to your body!!  Long as you are eating good clean foods which I really wasn't) missing a day or two of workout won't hurt too bad. (Now I just have to get the eating better part down!)

Monday, February 14, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 45: Hip Hop Dance Mix

After 2 days of not getting a workout in, I had to try something new.  10 Minutes Solution Hip Hop Dance Mix was better than expected. I expected some lame type of dancing that may or may not pass as hip hop.


I was totally shocked that I indeed liked the moves.  Okay, but first, I did not like that is was just the instructor, Kristin Jacobs, and no extra people working out.  For some reason, I like to have several people there, just so I can see variety.  After all, I did not mind so much because Kristin was doing it!  That girl can dance!

The workout is broken down in five 10-minutes sections.  You can do just one, combine them all, or mix and match as you like.  I attempted to do all five, but only did three.  They are:

Hip Hop Basics: I don;t know what's so basic about it, but they may have been a little low intensity than the others, but still it was great.  I loved it!

Fat Burning Funk: This was more funky moves, and got a little complicated, but still eats to catch on.

Edgy Groove's: This one had me here.  Totally could not get a move, and that's fine, practice makes perfect.  I was so done after this section

the other two are:
Body Re-mix
Cardio Street Heat

The Cardio Street Heat looks fun. I will make sure to do those next times.  I would say this is for a beginner, intermediate or advance, just anyone!  If you like Hip Hop Abs, this will seem tame.  Does not work the core as much.  If you do Hustle like me, this would be a great jump-start to hip hop moves.  In fact, I would suggest this workout to anyone who does not want to pay a boatload of money to get Hip Ho[p Abs or hip Hop Hustle.

I don't remember the price, but it was either $9 or $10 dollars at Walmart.  I will probably do this as a complete 50 minute workout on some days, or do smaller increments as needed.  I like that about the workout.

30 min Hip Hop Dance Mix
10 min Wii

40 minutes.  I need to push for more

Friday, February 11, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 42: Bring the PAIN!!

Ankle still messed up, but I gets it in!

I took it easy, but I still managed 10 minutes of Biggest Loser 30 Day Jump Start Lower body and 60 minutes of Hip Hop Hustle 11.  I still sweated like nobody's business!  Now that's how you do it.  Woohoo!

Okay, now that I have done all 10 minutes sections of the BL Jump Start, I can say that, this workout is not that bad.  For the beginner who has never exercised, or for someone totally out of shape, this is perfect for them. For someone that is used to working out, this is still a great workout to do in addition to your normal workouts.  Only 10 minutes a day!  Or do the whole thing in one day, 3 times a week.  Mix and match the workouts. 

My faves are the two were Ali leads, the Upper body and the Lower Body.  She's cool.  I was not even for her for the win, but I am so glad she gets to be the first female winner of Biggest lower!  She really represents all that the show stands for better than anybody.  I don't watch it anymore, it started to not do a thing for me but make me mad.  Glad Jillian is bailing out.

I also like Sione and Tara challenging each other.  That competitiveness worked great on the ranch, and just in real life.  I think it's good to compete with someone on mini challenges, even weight loss goals.  Keeps it interesting.  Try this workout!  I'll probably only use it in addition to my other workouts when I am not doing heavy duty strength training.

Next week, I will try and pump it up, all while still giving my foot a break. Lower impact exercises, but really maximizing the urn.  i don't know what workouts I will do yet, maybe try my new ones, but i think I will give Hustle a break next week.  Love it, but I think I am doing it too much!  Can't wait to take a live class next Saturday.  Woohoo!

Workout today:
10 min BL Jump Start
60 min Hip Hop Hustle

70 minutes total!  I came to bring the pain!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 41: Hustle and Turbo Jam?

Okay, maybe it's all about Chalene Johnson right now.  She really does motivate you.

Too bad my bum foot wasn't having it!  I was aiming for a good 2 hour workout with the combination of 4 workouts, BUT, after 10 minutes of Biggest Loser Jump Start and into Hip Hop Hustle 1, my foot was hurting me so bad!  With the brace, without the brace, it just hurt.  I stopped the workout, rested awhile (fell asleep actually) the started back up.  It felt a little better...for awhile, then hurt again.

I stopped after about 45 minutes.  So next was Turbo Jam.  I just had to finish this! I was hoping it would not stress my foot, it has never in the past, but yep, it was murder.  I had to think of how football players play with worse injuries and fight through the pain.  Okay, sure they see specialist who wrap them, pop them pills, have miracle creams and they are getting paid $$$$$$$$$$$$ so yeah, playing through the pain is nothing to them.

I have really got to take it easy.  It was fine the last few days and just flared up again today.  I'm about to soak it in some Epsom salt, take some pain pills and get a lot of rest! I've never been an athlete, so having these types of injuries bites!

But I still had an awesome workout day!
10 min BL Jump Start
45 min Hustle
45 min Turbo Jam

100 minutes!! My foot is on fire!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 40: Piyo and Hustle?

You can do it too!

Is this girl out of her flipping mind? I received my Piyo workouts in the mail today and was so excited I wanted to do it immediately (well, not at work, but when I got home).  But I also wanted to do my regularly schedules workout as well

10 minutes BL 30-Day Jump Start Cardio Level 2
70 minutes Hip Hop Hustle 9 (Yep, did the whole thing, both hustles and the show....minus the cool down)
35 min PIYOOOOO! (Imagine me yelling this like the Yahoooo commercials, LOL! This is how I like to say it)
15 min WiiFit plus
20 push ups on Wii (Wooohaaa!)
15 crunches (so wimped out here. I plan on making it to 100 a night, yeah,right!)

What I like about Piyo? The moves really work the core and that's my favorite muscle group to work.  What i don't like is the learning curve to get these moves down.  I spend time looking up at the TV watching the moves, I can't get it correctly.  i know over time, this gets better, so I just kept at it.  Thankfully, they have a person doing modified moves.  I don't know if I can ever get to an advanced level.

Lots of yoga moves I am familiar with (P90X's Yoga X helped a lot for that) and some Pilate's moves as well.  And it was fast! I thought the workout was 60 minutes, so imagine my surprise when it was over after 35.  But hey, any longer and I might have wimped out anyway.

I'm amazed I did the Hustle for 70 minutes!!  WHAT?? This girl is crazy right.  Anyway, when you are having fun, it's not like a workout! I'm spreading the Hustle love wherever I go.  Try it!  Now!

Total workout minutes: 130 minutes!

I'm killing this challenge! Was 30 minutes a day, then 60, so next month I am upping it to 90 minutes a day (and probably will aim for close to 2.5 hours)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 39: Pulling out all stops

Just felt like giving it my all today.  Did Wii Fit skateboarding for 30 minutes, and if you know this game, it can be tough, especially for that leg that pushes off on the board.  It's very sore.  I finally made it past the beginner and to the advanced.  Woohoo!

But that wasn't enough!

I want to continue doing the Biggest Loser 30_Day Jump Start, and I figure it's only 10 minutes a day and then I can do something else.  So I did the 10-minute Upper Body section and I liked it.  Because it's so fast, I tried using heavier weights versus when I do P90X.  You also need a stability ball, and I have one, but I used my step and I was fine.  This workout was fast, it worked my arms and shoulders and I got to move on to something else.  I still prefer P90X Shoulders and Arms to really work my upper body.

So after that workout, I put in Hip Hop Hustle 11.  I know, I know!  How many times can I do this?  ONE TRILLION, and I am on only like 10, so I have a ways to go, LOL!  I am able to really rock this out now, added my own "swagger."  I am also starting to call out the cues, at least for the warm-up I did.  The Show I was more into the dancing and making it my own.  I did a whole 60 minutes!

30 min Wii Fit
10 min Biggest Loser Jump Start
60 min Hip Hop Hustle 11
Wii push-up and jack-knife challenge (20 each!)


Monday, February 7, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 38: Biggest Loser 30-Day Jump Start

Changing things up a bit. I have 4 new Biggest Loser workouts and decided to do one.  Biggest Loser 30-Day Jump Start  is a series of five 10-minutes workouts that you are supposed to do one a day.  I have to say this, it's definitely for the beginner, which I am not.  After a couple of tries with this one, I will be giving it away (would give it away now but I want my money's worth).  Duh moment for me! Jump Start actually mean JUMP STARTing a new fitness regime.

I only did the first 10 minutes, though I wanted to do the whole thing.  I needed to take it easy today anyway.  The Level 1 Cardio is led by BL finalist Tara.  It is five 2-minutes cardio blasts.  They were pretty easy and not too hard, and I had to pep up some of it (and take down some when my ankle started to hurt).  All in all, I'd do it again, but I'd have to put more into it.

On another note, Ali, BL's first female winner, looks awesome!! Love her!!  She leads 2 of the five workouts...she would motivate me.  She was the only one "skinny" all the other contestants were still bigger and it must have been filmed in the middle of their season.  I can't remember who was on what season, so yeah, have no clue.

Tara was okay leading the workout.  She's no Jillian or Bob.  And why have bob on the cover, he does not lead any of the workouts. 

there is a bonus pocket cookbook that looks good.  I may try a few recipes.  Oh and there are some extras on the DVD.  Bob has motivational tips (maybe that's why he is on the cover), his diet tips and training tips.

Also today I did the WiiFit Plus for 20 minutes, and had step practice (which I only count a portion) for another 20 minutes.

So 50 minutes.  I'm good!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 37: No dance training needed!

I worked it out today!!

Before I did my "official" workout, I did Wii Fit for an hour.  And when I count it as a workout, I don't play around, I BURN some calories.  The skateboard game, surprisingly burns major calories.  If I sweat like I'm in a sauna and need to take frequent breaks, I know it's a good workout. 

So then I put in Hip Hop Hustle 11 and did another 60 minutes. So into that one right now, and I can finally do it like I know what I am doing.  Woohoo!  I ROCKED IT OUT today!  I added my own "swagger" and that really helps me.  My ankle is still not 100% but it felt better and so on some moves I have to modify.  They do a lot of twisting of the feet.  Looks good, but hurts.

If you've been reading my blogs...come on, I know I have a few readers...then you know I plan on becoming a certified Hip Hop Hustle Instructor (also Turbo Kick, but I'ma have to do that with no practice).  But I have never danced in front of people in my life!  I've never taught anyone to dance! I have done a few warm ups here and there, but not teaching someone how to break down moves.  I keep asking myself if I can really do this.

Well, now that I have the moves nearly 100% down, I think I need to practice calling out the moves.  I'm usually quiet when I do my workout.  I count in my head.  Maybe that will help me feel comfortable teaching.  I have never done this people.  So scared!

The only thing that keeps me going is my passion for the dance, so that drives me.  I hope it drives others.

120 minutes total!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 36: Get the Wii Outta here!

Ummm, okay, so Saturdays are typically my take it easy day, but only if I have been hitting it hard the rest of the week.  Since that was the case this week, I played on the Wii for my workout.  Now don't get me wrong, not saying that this is a BS workout, because it's not.

I mostly did my fave, kung fu and the Perfect 10 games, but then I got totally into the skateboard game.  I finally made it past the third level! In fact, I made it to level 7...but I still suck!  Only 2 stars out of four.  What the heck must I do to get 3??  And then after that, will I ever make it to 4??

My ankle is still sore and wrapped real good, and most of the games on Wii were irritating it.  Skate boarding was fine..for awhile, but not after like the 10th time.  In fact, my other ankle was taking a beating because you have to push off on it like you're really skate boarding.  I was so sweaty!  I had to cut down the heat, and turn on the ceiling fan AND strip off my shirt!  Do this workout!

I did a total of 62 minutes and I was feeling it!  I also played golf and that works my abs real good.

Friday, February 4, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 35: Go get your Hustle!

I don't work for Powder Blue Production, nor Chalene Johnson, nor beachbody (though I did for a hot second) BUT I have to promote her wonderful products for a second.

If you go to, and click Chalene's Shop, you will find the store where I bought my Hustle Fan workouts.  Okay, now click on *SALE*.  OMG! Buy FIVE fan workouts for $75 today, Saturday and Sunday only!  DUDE!  Thinking about doing Hustle with me?  BUY IT NOW! Doesn't it look fun?

I went for Piyo, which is like Pilates and Yoga and so much more!  Each DVD has 2 workouts, and I bought five, so that is 10 workouts! Oh man!  I have NEVER done Piyo, but after viewing it on the site, I was interested but not willing to spend $40 on each DVD.  5 for $75 makes it $15 each!

My momma didn't raise no fool!

Oh, and while you're there, BEFORE you get in on this deal, get in on the gift card deal.  Spend just $25 more and buy a gift card for $100 and get a $150 gift card!  Oh, by the way, you still pay shipping on the $75 5-DVD set, I think my total came to $89 and you can use the gift card for that too.

Not interested in Piyo? Get the Hustle Fan workouts!  You can mix and match too.  I wish there were Turbo Kick Fan workouts.  I wish they had this sale AFTER I become an Instructor.  Geesh!

Anyway, my workout tonight.  Even on my bum ankle, I just went for it.  Hustle 11 for 35 minutes and then Hustle 9 for 60 minutes.  My kids were trying their bestest to do this with me, bless their rhythmless hearts.  I thought my daughter had a dancing gene, but man oh man, it's brutal watching them.  I keep trying to teach them, I won't give up!  I just think of it as practicing on two very challenging dancers that want to Hustle!  Hey, I'm not a dancer, but I think I look pretty darn good doing it.

And it's a great workout that does not feel like a workout!!  Come on now! Burn some calories, come Hustle with me!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 34: Fight through the pain

Well, I guess I did.  Ankle is still sore, except I really don't know if it's just my ankle.  My whole heel hurts. Ugh!  This could be bad!

So I went with upper body workout only today. Doing P90X Shoulders & Arms for 35 minutes followed by the Wii for 40 minutes, which was mostly boxing and kung fu.  So yes, this was a great workout day.  I don't know what else to do but give my ankle/heel a break and try not to do anything that would agitate it.

But I will find a way to get in at least 60 minutes!

75 minutes today.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 33: Ankle issues

Ouch! That's about all I can say about my ankle right now.  So did I work out tonight?

A lirttle, not much, not enough to qualify it as a workout so the streak ends.  If it is not better tomorrow, well, I'm getting a workout in somehow.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 32: Full Steam Ahead

After the workout day that I had yesterday, I think I was pooped today.  Another snow day, and so while there was time for more, did not get in an extra workout.

I was fighting a pounding headache, stomachache and my ankle is still sore, but I did 60 minutes of Hip Hop Hustle 1.  But I had to take it down a few notches, so I am sure I did not get a great burn.  Still, a workout is a workout and I burned some calories, which is better than laying there doing nothing.

Well, still snowed in here (though there is not much snow) and I plan on taking it easy tomorrow on my ankle.  Whatever workout I do will not stress it out anymore.