Monday, April 25, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 76: Wii Boxing

First of all, I love boxing, period.  Okay, maybe not watching the actual sport, and maybe I don't ever want to box in real life, but boxing for fitness is AWESOME!

I checked out Gold's Gym Cardio Workout from the library and thought I would give it a try. It's mostly a boxing workout and ...I wish I could review it for you but um, this game is a joke!  I could not get to the meat of the game without doing whatever magical thing I was supposed to do to unlock the good stuff.  What I did do was fun, but just not enough.  That made me mad!!

And I wanted to really box!

So I put in Wii Sports and did the boxing game there.  I quickly got dealt with.  My first match the little Mii was killing me.  I worked HARD to scrape through  that one. Whew!  I won that one and my next match was no better.

These Mii quickly had me from the start.  I got knocked the heck out like a punk.  Whoa!  I was good at the game at to this match.  It was embarrassing.  Maybe I need to train more.  So I went to the training section and worked on my punches. Yep, even they were weak.  So you may see me doing a lot more boxing in my next couple of workouts.

Works the arms, works the abs, burns the calories.

Workout time: 30 minutes or so, I really lost count. 

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