Tuesday, April 5, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 68: Bikini Bootcamp Challenge workout 1

And so the pain begins!

On twitter and facebook Jeanette Jenkins the "Hollywood Trainer" and Kelly Rowland challenge everyone to joining their Bikini Bootcamp Challenge for the months of April and May.  Participants arse to do this workout every Tuesday and Thursday.  I though, why not! I quickly ordered the DVD and put a rush on it.

It arrived yesterday and I popped it in today. I heard that it was tough, that many could not finish the complete 75 minutes.

I guess I can hold my hand up in that group!

But I hold my head high! I did 65 MINUTES!!  Yeah boy-eeee!  I did fast forward a couple of moves that I, ahem, don't like, but I'll master them before the end. 65 minutes of this workout, first time out is TOUGH.  I won't even sugar coat this, THIS WORKOUT IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS!

Several reasons why:
1. She gives no modifications. Okay, maybe like one, but she only tells you what to do, she does not show you.

2. The moves are advanced and can be hard on the joints.

3. There is no "breaking it down" of the moves, you just jump right in and do it.

4. She uses weights, and she suggest heavy weights, and I think a beginner need to stick with light weights or no weights at all.  By all means, if you're gonna do it anyway, PLEASE use light weights.

I would say this workout is for someone who works out often and not afraid to do the hard stuff and sweat like you showered in your clothes!  And that's just during the warm-up!

There are several sections

Warm Up
Cardio Camp
Chisel Camp
Ab Camp
Stretch camp

All pretty challenging (except the cool down) in my opinion, but challenge is good! I felt like I wanted to stop, but did i? No way!  I modified it myself, even when she did not show modifications. Someone with some experience working out would know how to modify moves without being told, I'm just saying....

And all that and I say, THIS workout will get you bikini ready in about 8 weeks (granted you do it as planned, workout the other days and eat clean foods) .  The calorie burn on this I'm sure is crazy.  The back of the case says "600-1000 calories." I feel Iike I was close to that low end, because I did not give it my all, and did not do the complete 75 minutes.

Can't wait till Thursday and do it again!

Total workout time 95 minutes (Bootcamp plus more MJ Experience)

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