Thursday, April 14, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 74: 100 minute workout

60 minutes on the Wii MJ the Experience! I can never get bored with this, BUT I may be giving it a break for awhile just so I can get different workouts in.  If I do it at all, it will be for fun and not fitness.  When I play with the kids, it's more like fun...although, I get more competitive with my moves because I want to win.

30 minutes of Bikini Bootcamp! Wow!  Even though I did 60 minutes of it TWICE last week, my body was not feeling it today...maybe because I did MJ first.  All I know is, I listen to my body when it wants to quit.  I think I did a little more than 30 but I'm rounding down (I took several breaks)

10 minutes of Hop Hop Hustle 5.  And I did this only as a review of sorts. I will be teaching this to some others and had not done it for nearly two weeks.  I will add 10-20 minutes of Hustle everyday just so it stays fresh in my mind.

Total workout time: 100 minutes

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