Wednesday, April 6, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 69: Michael Jackson the Experience

I am TOTALLY addicted to this game!

3 hours I did this game with little breaks in between! It was actually when I stopped to do Just Dance 2 that the dances were putting me into overdrive (and my kids play better at that one than MJ so I had to go hard).  I LOVE every routine, even the easy (slow) ones where in the videos he did not dance much so they had to come up with some simple moves.

My fave may be Dirty Diana, but I also like Thriller, Beat It and Billie Jean because who did not try to imitate those dance moves!  But then, all the Off the Wall album songs would be next. OMG, what can I say. Love Michael! His music! His dancing! Yep, I have it bad.  And I am a true fan, not fair-weather, I always was on his side, through it all.

I wish I knew how many calories I burned. At least 1,000! I know I weighed myself when I got home because I felt bloated from eating pretzels, and then ate a salad, played the Wii for 3 hours, weighed myself again because I knew I dropped lots of water weight and yep, down 2 whole pounds.  So I am drinking heck of water right now to hydrate my body.  So trust me, this is a real, REAL workout!

I'll be raving about this workout in many more blogs I'm sure.

Total workout: 3 hours! Woohooooo!!

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