Sunday, January 30, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 30: Rewind, repeat, rewind, repeat

I'm still trying to learn Hustle 11 to perfection for my training class in March.  And I have a long way to go, but as Chalene says, "Rewind, repeat, rewind, repeat."  I just keep at it!

Today I did Hustle 11 again and I am getting better, but still stuck in the middle with a couple of the moves.  I fake it out and get to the end, and I am hoping with more practice I get this down.  I did 60 minutes of Hustle 11, took a 20 minute break and then put Hustle 10 in,

I started Hustle 10 before, but did not get as far as the warm up because this workout does not include a Show and I LOVE doing the Show the best, so I just skipped it.  Well, Hustle 10, with 3 Hustles only is still a great workout!  I did Part 1 and 2 and wow, that was a burn.

I did 30 minutes of it. And I was not trying to do it to be perfect, I was trying to get the highest calorie burn I could.  A total of 90 minutes today!!  This  is what I love, doing an exercise that I can do and it not FEEL like exercise.  I'm dancing, and that is right for ME.  Other may like the traditional exercise.  Others may need to hit it hard core with weights and all like P90X (which is a great program, I just cannot stick with it for 90 days). 

Other NEED to go to fitness classes.  I like that too, when I can afford to pay for a gym.  Others can run for miles outside, rain or shone, cold or blistering heat.  if you LOVE doing the workout of choice, you will do it every day and not make it like a chore.

Whatever your workout of choice is, Chalene words still holds true, "rewind, repeat, rewind, repeat!"

Hustle 1
Hustle 2
Hustle 8
Hustle 9

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