Monday, January 31, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 31: Hustle, Hustle, Hustle!

How many Hustles can you do in one day?  For me?  A bunch!  No, really, only two, but many many times.  I love this pic because Hustle is all about the clothes, man!  Gotta dress the part so you can get funky with it!

I left work early due to the pending snow storm,and I was able to get in an extra workout.  I did 40 minutes of Hip Hop Hustle 11.  My kids were trying to hang with me but ummm...yeah, not so much. 

Then later we...I mean, I did Hip Hop Hustle 9.  The kids once again tried to get in on it, but they were just in my way.  I did about 75 minute straight.  My ankle was getting pretty sore, but I pushed through the pain.  I had to modify some of the moves because of that and I better take it easy for awhile.

But then my kids wanted to learn this Hustle, and so we danced for like another hour.  Yes!  How much time is that total? 40 minutes plus 75 minutes plus 60 minute equals 175 minutes.  Although that last hour was not constant cardio trying to teach them, so maybe 30 minutes of that I will count.

145 minutes, 2 hours and 25 minutes.  I'm done!

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