Friday, January 14, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 14: When tired....

Play the Wii!

In addition to my 100-Day Exercise Challenge I am also doing a 100-Day Raw Food Challenge.  That seems to be taking up most of my time.  Planning meals, preparing meals, obsessing with finding great raw recipes.  Today I spent most of the evening prepping food for the dehydrator so I can have treats all week. Raw kale chips in the D pictured.

By the time it was workout time, I could not move a muscle.  PLUS, that Hustle 2 from yesterday had me beat all day.

So I plugged in the Wii, even though I just wanted to go to sleep (my workouts are at 9 p.m.).  I don't think I burned many calories, but hey, it still counts as a workout!  I'll make up for it tomorrow with a bigger calories burn.

Just do it!

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