Saturday, January 1, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 1: Wii Fit Plus

Today I bought WiiFit Plus (as well as a few other workouts) and could not wait to try it.  For 2010 my resolution was to not buy any new workouts, and I succeeded! Now it's 2011 and it's on!  So I started a 100 day exercise challenge.  I must work out at least 30 minutes EVERY day and that is tough for me.

Day 1
WiiFit Plus is awesome!  I knew it would be one of the firs things I would buy for the new year, but it helped a lot that my sister got it for Christmas and I played over there.  I was even more anxious to get it.  My favorite game so far and probably will stay so is the Kung Fu game.  I love it!  Just have to get really good at it.  And I played it enough to unlock the advanced and that was even better.

I did a whole 60 minutes.  Okay, maybe this challenge will be kind of easy.  Saturday is typically my rest day, but doing the Wii is like playing a game, but still burning some calories while I am at it. 

I can do this!

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