Wednesday, January 26, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 26: My Chick Bad!

Okay Chalene, I have a couple of beefs with you.

One, why oh why on some of the later moves of Hip Hop Hustle 11 on The Show, do you not explain it as well as you explain the beginning moves?  I mean, I'd say do the reverse!  We're going to repeat that first half MORE times than the last half, so we don't need as much instruction with it.  But like the last 5-6 moves, I'm like, "Can you go over it again?" NO!  So I'm left just going through the motions and catching on later.  Aw well, I will!

Two, ummm, why oh why do we not get to dance to Ludacris' song "My Chick Bad" like The Show is supposed to be performed (or at least how I see it on youtube)? I know you don't know that I am slightly obsessed with Luda and that THAT song gets heavy rotation in my car, like err'day, but I'm just saying....look, the dance goes soooooo much better to "My Chick Bad" than the one used on the workout.  I had to play a youtube vid to practice with that song. 

I hope we get the "My Chick Bad" music as an Instructor.

All in all, I had a GREAT workout today with Hip Hop Hustle.  I only did Hustle Part 1, then went right to the show.  I am getting that beginning of the routine so much better!  Still can't perform it with the gusto that Chalene does, but I know it will get there.

Total workout time: 60 minutes!  I'm so bad I'm GOOD!

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