Thursday, January 6, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 6: Hip Hop Hustle 1

What can I say!  Chalene Johnson knows how to make a workout hard, challenging, and fun!  That girl can dance!

I received my Hustle Fan workouts in the mail today and I was like a little kid on Christmas day! I had to wait to 12:01 to order these for the new year due to my last year's resolution, and I thought they would take forever to show up by regular mail.  But today is the 6th and that was good timing!  Some of you may know that I plan on taking the class to become a certified Hip Hop Hustle and Turbo Kick Instructor.  My classes are in March.  I have taken Turbo Kick classes before and feel pretty comfortable with that format.

But I must say, I NEVER even saw a Hustle class.  Good thing for Youtube!  And then I became OBSESSED with it!  I am a total Hip Hop Abs junkie, love it to pieces, BUT there is something special about Hip Hop Hustle.  The routines are crazy hype.  Chalene's energy makes you want to DO MORE!  And the music...well, she totally has an ear for picking the right music to go with all her moves.

Okay, so I did Hustle 1 today.  And it's mainly a disc for the instructors to learn new routines to teach to classes and I thought,okay, this will be low-key. OH MY GOSH!  WHAAAAT!!  This is a full on workout, don't let it fool you. 

From the super cute warm-up to breaking down each move in the Hustle, I was on it!  SWEATY!  I like that Chalene is all like, "Dress the part, where funky clothes," while I am in my normal workout wear.  And the hats!  Ya gotta wear a hat.  Chalene even stops while one is passed to her so she can have it the rest of the routine.  So what did I do?  Pause, run up and find me a cute hat so I could be all hip (I later took it off because I was so sweaty).

She breaks down the moves so even a beginner can get it.  I'm no beginner, BUT I am no dancer so I worried about this.  No worries.  I would say I have it at about 80% right now, but this was just my first run through.  There are maybe 2 really tricky moves (or as Chalene calls it "twerky") but with practice, I can pick it up.

First there is a warm-up, then there are two "hustles" were it's like a line-dance routine.  The hustles are the first half of the class, about 30 minutes.  The second half, another 30 minutes, is "the show" were you perform a full-on routine as if you are auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance.  The first several moves will be repeated oodles of times because you keep taking it from the top, so I can do that like crazy good.  the later part, with the "twerky" moves, I better work on before I show off my moves. 

All in all, I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes to dance and wants a good workout.  Hey, even if you have two left feet, give this a try!

Get your hustle on!

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