Monday, January 10, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 10: 3-Week Boot Camp

I know I missed my blog on Day 9, but I did get in a "light" workout.  So today I did one of my new workouts, Denise Austin's 3-Week Boot Camp.  It's a cardio and strength training program and I like that.  I will be doing this for 3 weeks so that I can reap the results the workout claims "Trim inches and lose up to 2 dress sizes."

Now I hardly believe that, but I do believe that it is an effective full body workouts.  It's broke down into 2 workouts, and I was all ready to do them both, but it is recommended that you start with the Cardio and Strength Interval (20 min) for the first week, the second week do Athletic Training (20 min) and the third week do both.  So, I decided, to heck, do 20 minutes and then do another workout for the rest of my time.

Not to compare, but this is an easy version of 30-Day Shred.  The cardio is easier and the ST is easier.  So I recommend this for the newbie of someone who wants to work their way up to Jillian's workout.  But there are lots of push-ups, and jumping jacks, squats and moves where a beginner may need to take it down a notch.  Denise did not have a person doing any of the modified moves, and I think EVERY workout DVD should do that.

There is also a bonus 6 min Ab Fat-Blaster.  Lots of the moves worked the core and I like that. There were punches and squats with oblique twists and i like working my core like crazy.  I gotta say, not a fan of Denise Austin. n After two years of Beachbody trainers Shaunt T, Chalene and Tony with their high energy, and Jillian Michaels with her take-no-nonsense demeanor, Denise sounds like a little elf telling me what to do.  Her voice is so soft and does not carry much and she doesn't motivate you to keep at it.  That aside, the workout is still a good one.

So after 20 minutes I popped in the Wii determined to put some high score on the bored.  Still trying to perfect my Kung Fu and did not get any better.  I like the adding game and did unlock the Expert portion.  The obstacle course, that my kids like to cal the Wipe-Out game, I actually made it to the third course, but man, they cheat!  Kept saying I was jumping on the board and would start me over at the very beginning.  I got tired of that,

I also did the cycling game which I didn't much like the first time, but it was cool and definitely a workout.  I did about 28 minutes, and now I am pooped.  That's a total of 48 minutes, but I want to try and do 60 every day, so I need to get better.

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