Monday, January 24, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 24: Hip Hop Hustle 11


This may be my fave!  Okay, okay, I know I said 9 was, but I have a new fave (I actually think I like Hustle 5 but I wanted to wait and get that as an Instructor).  Another great thing about 11 is that I do believe this is the one that I will learn at training.  SWEET!  I don't have to look helpless and can actually look like I know what I am doing.  Front row here I come!

I did both Hustles and then the Show.  The Show is were it's at!  I like EVERY move!  Now, I did have to keep rewinding to get the first 3 down, but I did and moved on to more.  I did not make it to the end though, because I put my hour in and was done!  Busy day!  I also had step practice with my sorority which drains my energy and I also count as cardio (but not the entire 2 hours...we do more talking than actual stepping).

I can't wait till I can do Hustle 11 from memory and with no music and teach others and add more energy to it.  Right now, I am just trying to get it to stick in my head!  Hustle 9 has been in my head all day long!  I have been rehearsing in my head.  I think I need to give Hustle a break though.  I have done it four days in a row!

Tomorrow I have another meeting after work so that pushes my workout further back....and I think I need to take it easy, my ankle was getting a little sore doing a couple of the moves in Hustle.  I think i will do some strength training.  Hmmmm, upper body, maybe I'll do P90X.  I think I will!

Total workout time today: 90 minutes!

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