Friday, January 21, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 21: Hip Hop Hustle 9

I misnamed the previous blog as 9, when it was actually 8!  I did Hustle 9 today (go watch the youtube!)  I LOVE it!  But yet, it does not love me back.  Toward the end I got totally lost.  Ummm, I felt like I had 2 left feet.  And I thought that was the end anyway when I stopped, but then I went to youtube and saw it being performed and saw that I need to learn so much more in the routine!


I think I want to stick with Hustle 9 for awhile till I master it.  It looks so cute when I see others perform it and it is an AWESOME workout.  There are so many moves I like.  I really like the very first move.  I like the Beyonce move.  Okay, I like anything where I am shaking my boo-tay!  Oh, and I did not even get to the "steppin" part.  That should be fun since I am currently on a step team.

I have been working out everyday despite not posting blogs.  I promise!  Today only 58 minutes because I was too tired to do more, but I promise, I really promise that next week I will get in more than 60 minutes every day, if that means splitting it to two workouts, so be it.

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