Saturday, February 19, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 50: Live Hip Hop Hustle & Turbo Kick

I have not been skimping on my workouts just not interesting enough to blog about.

Well, till today!!

I did hip hop Hustle and Turbo Kick in a live class today.  I have not done that in awhile, usually just workout at home.  This was great practice for me and my training in 3 weeks.  Loved it!

Only complaint is that I came late and was stuck in the back.  TK was first and was so cool.  Had not done this in awhile, so it was cool.  I caught on pretty good.  I could not see the instructor so I was winging it and watching others.

Hustle was real fun! She did Hustle 15 which is the newest and is a Nicki Minaj medley of songs.  And those songs are hype and makes you want to dance all day.  The instructor filmed it and I am in it for a few seconds.  Here's the link

So I did an hour forty five minutes with those 2 classes, AND then I came home to do TWO more Hustles because my sister wanted to do them with me.  I had fun teaching her the moves and she was actually catching on!  I think I may be a good instructor afterall.   And that was another hour of workout.

Total workout time: 165 minutes!!

50 days down, 50 more to go!

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