Thursday, February 10, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 41: Hustle and Turbo Jam?

Okay, maybe it's all about Chalene Johnson right now.  She really does motivate you.

Too bad my bum foot wasn't having it!  I was aiming for a good 2 hour workout with the combination of 4 workouts, BUT, after 10 minutes of Biggest Loser Jump Start and into Hip Hop Hustle 1, my foot was hurting me so bad!  With the brace, without the brace, it just hurt.  I stopped the workout, rested awhile (fell asleep actually) the started back up.  It felt a little better...for awhile, then hurt again.

I stopped after about 45 minutes.  So next was Turbo Jam.  I just had to finish this! I was hoping it would not stress my foot, it has never in the past, but yep, it was murder.  I had to think of how football players play with worse injuries and fight through the pain.  Okay, sure they see specialist who wrap them, pop them pills, have miracle creams and they are getting paid $$$$$$$$$$$$ so yeah, playing through the pain is nothing to them.

I have really got to take it easy.  It was fine the last few days and just flared up again today.  I'm about to soak it in some Epsom salt, take some pain pills and get a lot of rest! I've never been an athlete, so having these types of injuries bites!

But I still had an awesome workout day!
10 min BL Jump Start
45 min Hustle
45 min Turbo Jam

100 minutes!! My foot is on fire!

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