Thursday, February 24, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 55: Hustle Madness

Tonight I did 90 minutes of Hustle! HustleMania is what it is.

First I did Hip Hop Hustle 1, The Show part.  I like this one because it is the easiest of all the Hustle Shows.  But while it may be a little easier, it is way cool!  I especially like the end when the song changes and you do the "What, what? What is up?" move. That whole routine lasted about 30 minutes.

Then next I did Hip Hop Hustle 9.  I like this one for the Beyonce move.  It is also very fast paced and I like the music. At the end she goes into the "stepping" part of the routine, and I had to stop.  Booo!  I had already done 30 minutes and had to move on to the next Hustle.

Hustle 11 of course is my FAVE!  It is to "My Chick Bad," so that's why I really love it.  It's so high energy and I love every move, BUT....

Can you work out when you are dead tired?  I mean sleepy tired! I mean, I could barely keep my eyes open tired.  I mean, I am tripping over my feet tired.  Like the tired where I pushed myself to continue and give my all, but unless I wanted to fall flat on my face, it wasn't happening.  I just wanted to make it to 30 minutes, but 25 and I had to do the cool down.

Counting the warm-up and cool-down it was exactly 90 minutes.  Whew!  So tired.

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