Monday, February 7, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 38: Biggest Loser 30-Day Jump Start

Changing things up a bit. I have 4 new Biggest Loser workouts and decided to do one.  Biggest Loser 30-Day Jump Start  is a series of five 10-minutes workouts that you are supposed to do one a day.  I have to say this, it's definitely for the beginner, which I am not.  After a couple of tries with this one, I will be giving it away (would give it away now but I want my money's worth).  Duh moment for me! Jump Start actually mean JUMP STARTing a new fitness regime.

I only did the first 10 minutes, though I wanted to do the whole thing.  I needed to take it easy today anyway.  The Level 1 Cardio is led by BL finalist Tara.  It is five 2-minutes cardio blasts.  They were pretty easy and not too hard, and I had to pep up some of it (and take down some when my ankle started to hurt).  All in all, I'd do it again, but I'd have to put more into it.

On another note, Ali, BL's first female winner, looks awesome!! Love her!!  She leads 2 of the five workouts...she would motivate me.  She was the only one "skinny" all the other contestants were still bigger and it must have been filmed in the middle of their season.  I can't remember who was on what season, so yeah, have no clue.

Tara was okay leading the workout.  She's no Jillian or Bob.  And why have bob on the cover, he does not lead any of the workouts. 

there is a bonus pocket cookbook that looks good.  I may try a few recipes.  Oh and there are some extras on the DVD.  Bob has motivational tips (maybe that's why he is on the cover), his diet tips and training tips.

Also today I did the WiiFit Plus for 20 minutes, and had step practice (which I only count a portion) for another 20 minutes.

So 50 minutes.  I'm good!

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