Monday, February 14, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 45: Hip Hop Dance Mix

After 2 days of not getting a workout in, I had to try something new.  10 Minutes Solution Hip Hop Dance Mix was better than expected. I expected some lame type of dancing that may or may not pass as hip hop.


I was totally shocked that I indeed liked the moves.  Okay, but first, I did not like that is was just the instructor, Kristin Jacobs, and no extra people working out.  For some reason, I like to have several people there, just so I can see variety.  After all, I did not mind so much because Kristin was doing it!  That girl can dance!

The workout is broken down in five 10-minutes sections.  You can do just one, combine them all, or mix and match as you like.  I attempted to do all five, but only did three.  They are:

Hip Hop Basics: I don;t know what's so basic about it, but they may have been a little low intensity than the others, but still it was great.  I loved it!

Fat Burning Funk: This was more funky moves, and got a little complicated, but still eats to catch on.

Edgy Groove's: This one had me here.  Totally could not get a move, and that's fine, practice makes perfect.  I was so done after this section

the other two are:
Body Re-mix
Cardio Street Heat

The Cardio Street Heat looks fun. I will make sure to do those next times.  I would say this is for a beginner, intermediate or advance, just anyone!  If you like Hip Hop Abs, this will seem tame.  Does not work the core as much.  If you do Hustle like me, this would be a great jump-start to hip hop moves.  In fact, I would suggest this workout to anyone who does not want to pay a boatload of money to get Hip Ho[p Abs or hip Hop Hustle.

I don't remember the price, but it was either $9 or $10 dollars at Walmart.  I will probably do this as a complete 50 minute workout on some days, or do smaller increments as needed.  I like that about the workout.

30 min Hip Hop Dance Mix
10 min Wii

40 minutes.  I need to push for more

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