Saturday, February 5, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 36: Get the Wii Outta here!

Ummm, okay, so Saturdays are typically my take it easy day, but only if I have been hitting it hard the rest of the week.  Since that was the case this week, I played on the Wii for my workout.  Now don't get me wrong, not saying that this is a BS workout, because it's not.

I mostly did my fave, kung fu and the Perfect 10 games, but then I got totally into the skateboard game.  I finally made it past the third level! In fact, I made it to level 7...but I still suck!  Only 2 stars out of four.  What the heck must I do to get 3??  And then after that, will I ever make it to 4??

My ankle is still sore and wrapped real good, and most of the games on Wii were irritating it.  Skate boarding was fine..for awhile, but not after like the 10th time.  In fact, my other ankle was taking a beating because you have to push off on it like you're really skate boarding.  I was so sweaty!  I had to cut down the heat, and turn on the ceiling fan AND strip off my shirt!  Do this workout!

I did a total of 62 minutes and I was feeling it!  I also played golf and that works my abs real good.

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