Sunday, February 6, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 37: No dance training needed!

I worked it out today!!

Before I did my "official" workout, I did Wii Fit for an hour.  And when I count it as a workout, I don't play around, I BURN some calories.  The skateboard game, surprisingly burns major calories.  If I sweat like I'm in a sauna and need to take frequent breaks, I know it's a good workout. 

So then I put in Hip Hop Hustle 11 and did another 60 minutes. So into that one right now, and I can finally do it like I know what I am doing.  Woohoo!  I ROCKED IT OUT today!  I added my own "swagger" and that really helps me.  My ankle is still not 100% but it felt better and so on some moves I have to modify.  They do a lot of twisting of the feet.  Looks good, but hurts.

If you've been reading my blogs...come on, I know I have a few readers...then you know I plan on becoming a certified Hip Hop Hustle Instructor (also Turbo Kick, but I'ma have to do that with no practice).  But I have never danced in front of people in my life!  I've never taught anyone to dance! I have done a few warm ups here and there, but not teaching someone how to break down moves.  I keep asking myself if I can really do this.

Well, now that I have the moves nearly 100% down, I think I need to practice calling out the moves.  I'm usually quiet when I do my workout.  I count in my head.  Maybe that will help me feel comfortable teaching.  I have never done this people.  So scared!

The only thing that keeps me going is my passion for the dance, so that drives me.  I hope it drives others.

120 minutes total!

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