Friday, February 4, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 35: Go get your Hustle!

I don't work for Powder Blue Production, nor Chalene Johnson, nor beachbody (though I did for a hot second) BUT I have to promote her wonderful products for a second.

If you go to, and click Chalene's Shop, you will find the store where I bought my Hustle Fan workouts.  Okay, now click on *SALE*.  OMG! Buy FIVE fan workouts for $75 today, Saturday and Sunday only!  DUDE!  Thinking about doing Hustle with me?  BUY IT NOW! Doesn't it look fun?

I went for Piyo, which is like Pilates and Yoga and so much more!  Each DVD has 2 workouts, and I bought five, so that is 10 workouts! Oh man!  I have NEVER done Piyo, but after viewing it on the site, I was interested but not willing to spend $40 on each DVD.  5 for $75 makes it $15 each!

My momma didn't raise no fool!

Oh, and while you're there, BEFORE you get in on this deal, get in on the gift card deal.  Spend just $25 more and buy a gift card for $100 and get a $150 gift card!  Oh, by the way, you still pay shipping on the $75 5-DVD set, I think my total came to $89 and you can use the gift card for that too.

Not interested in Piyo? Get the Hustle Fan workouts!  You can mix and match too.  I wish there were Turbo Kick Fan workouts.  I wish they had this sale AFTER I become an Instructor.  Geesh!

Anyway, my workout tonight.  Even on my bum ankle, I just went for it.  Hustle 11 for 35 minutes and then Hustle 9 for 60 minutes.  My kids were trying their bestest to do this with me, bless their rhythmless hearts.  I thought my daughter had a dancing gene, but man oh man, it's brutal watching them.  I keep trying to teach them, I won't give up!  I just think of it as practicing on two very challenging dancers that want to Hustle!  Hey, I'm not a dancer, but I think I look pretty darn good doing it.

And it's a great workout that does not feel like a workout!!  Come on now! Burn some calories, come Hustle with me!


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