Tuesday, March 15, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 56: No not really, but listen...

What happened was....

I totally forget to blog!  Have I been working out??  Yes and no.  Some days I do, some days I don't.  So I figured today I would pick things back up where I left out.  Rather I blog these 100 days in a row or not, I WILL blog about 100 days of execise.

And so, it's day 56.  What has been going on? Well, last weekend I attended Hip Hop Hustle AND Turbo Kick Instructor trainings.  Go ahead, read my old blogs, I discussed it before.

It was a BLAST!!  Both tough but I made it through standing.  I love both formats, but what i really learned is that I am in LOVE with Hip Hop Hustle even more.  It's the energy that is involved.  It's like...every time I hear some music I want to do those HHH signature moves.  I'm in the car, listening to the Hustle music CD and doing the dance moves in my head (and sometimes actually trying to do it while driving).  It is that addictive.

Sooooo...if after all my million and one blogs you have NOT checked out Hip Hop Hustle, what are you waiting for.  better yet, wait real soon and maybe I'll be coming to a class near you!

Workout today: 50 minutes of Hip Hop Hustle 5, 15 minutes of Hip Hop Hustle 9 (was supposed to be the whole thing but I was tired)

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