Wednesday, March 16, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 57: Turbo Kick Round 42

Today was a brutal workout and I kind of wimped out.  Well, for most I did enough, but for me I have a ways to go.  I was trying to do two 60-minutes workouts but did not finish either.

I started with Hip Hop Hustle 6, which was new to me.  I started with Hustle 1 and 2.  Those were fine.  But the Show, I did not like very much.  I was catching on for the most part, and then the middle I completely lost it.  I was not picking it up.  And I can't get a good workout when I am stressing over the moves.  So I did about 40 minutes and then gave it up.  I WILL get it, today just was not the day.  I want to be like Chalene, so I must not give up!!

Then I did Turbo Kick Round 42, which I did in Instructor class.  I did not remember a thing!  I was like, what's next, and what's that, and how do I do that!?  This is quite the workout and I love it for that.  But for me learning this enough to teach it?  Sheesh!  I'll have to practice every day just to learn this Round, versus HHH, I pick it up a lot faster.  I think I will do TK 42 every other day until I have it down...or at least till I get bored with it.

I did about 35 minutes and near fell out!

Total workout: 75 minutes

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