Thursday, March 31, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 66: Another great workout

I did Turbo Kick Round 42.  Whew!

I was sweating so hard it looked like I took a shower in my clothes.  Booyah! THAT IS HOW A WORKOUT SHOULD BE DONE!  On fiyah!!

I was going to throw in another mini-workout, but after 55 minutes of that, I was good!  I gave it all my energy, going full steam for the first time.  I still have top learn more of the routine so I ca really nail it.  This will be a tough one to teach.

I'm just saying...unless I teach were most of the participants are familiar with TK or advanced exercisers, many won't pick this up or even want to attempt it. No worries, 'll break it down.

Heck yeah!

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