Tuesday, March 22, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 61: Turbo Kick Round 41

Chalene really brought it in this one.  I love, love, LOVE it! 

Okay, but I'mma need to learn this one before I give it my all.  I was stumbling through some of it, but when I have it down, I know this is a calorie killer.  I have a long way to go before I feel confident with this.  But I will chip at it daily.

What's so killer about Turbo Kick? Hmmm, the punches, the kicks, the energy, the music! 

Every Turbo Kick starts with a nice warm up with lots of punches in it and a few kicks.  Then the punch section starts, MY FAVORITE!!  Not only does it work your arms, it works your abs because there is a lot of twisting.  I could just do this section alone and be a happy camper.

Then the kicks, which for some reason, I don't feel it as much.  Maybe I need higher kicks or more power in them.  Definitely need to perfect the technique here.

Then there is the punches and kicks section, which I like because it seems a little fast paced, annnnd....I know what is after that. TURBO section!  I didn't think I would have the energy, but lo and behold, I just brought it and did the whole thing (well, most at turbo level, the rest I took it down a notch).  But the Turbo section is what makes Turbo Kick so exciting, getting your heart rate up that high, that fast and having fun!

As Chalene says, "It's a party!"  and "If exercise is not fun, you won't do it!"

I definitely felt like I had fun at a party. Thanks Chalene!

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