Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just Lose It Challenge: I want to live to be 100

I always say, “I want to live to be 100!” But what was I really doing to ensure that?

After attending the kickoff meeting for the Just Lose It Challenge, the speaker spoke about a study they did on centarians (people who live past 100) and my ears perked up. I think I started to cry at one point because in the past I was not taking it serious. I do want to love a long, healthy life…but I know I wasn’t treating my body like I wanted to.

Here are the top five things that’s centarians have in common:

1. Have strong social groups (positive)-Having a network of friends feeding you POSITIVE energy will prolong your life! Yes, simple, huh. Get rid of negative friends. Laugh EVERY day. This helps you to stay on track and focused.

2. Gardens-They all had their own garden. If you can’t have your own garden, shop at the Farmer’s market often. Fruits and veggies in their natural state (raw) is the best for you.

3. Smarts-They continues developing their minds, always learning new things. Keep your brain active!

4. Active-They did something active every day! And when you’re doing your activity, LOVE IT, don’t make it out of a choir.

5. Small portions or non-processed foods-Eat till you are half full! Pick foods that have not been processed. Nothing from a box, can, bag or frozen or additives added to it.

These five steps look pretty darn easy to me! So I will do my best to live my life according to these five rules, not just for weight loss, but just to have the healthiest body for the longest time.

Week 1 Just Lose it Results: 4 pounds down!

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  1. Very interesting! One of the traits listed in my genetic profile I had done on 23andme.com was "longevity." It said because I have the genotype "CC" I have higher odds of living to 100! I guess I shouldn't just take their word for it and should probably follow some of those steps!