Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just Lose It Challenge: How am I doing so far?

Well, the results were posted today for the first weigh-in (after initial week). 

1. Chris R. 5.569%
2. Krisi S.  5.213%
3. Teresa Y  4.554%
4. Donovan L. 4.032%
5. KIMBERLY W  3.797%

That's me by the way, Kimberly W, in bold all caps, in case you couldn't tell! I am in 5th place out of 400 participating! Well, 400 is the number that the Challenge had room for...and I am sure many have dropped out or will soon.

So little, bitty me pulled a big enough number to land in top 5.  Yes, I was very excited to see this. It made today's weigh-in feel better.  No loss (although it should have been half a pound, their scale is screwy).  I may drop out of top 10 (they only post top 10) but trust me I will earn my way back in top 10 in the next couple of weeks.

I need to eat better. And when I say better, I mean MORE FOOD! I don't eat enough and that is jacking up my metabolism. Everything I have been eating is good, clean foods, but I am under my calories range nearly every day. Either I am too full to eat more, or half eat some of the food.  This week goal is to eat in my range.

As far as the exercises goes, I don't know if it can get any better. Last night I KILLED 45 minutes of Turbo Jam Cardio Party workout, with weighted gloves on mind you, and then followed that with 30 minutes of Hip Hop Hustle.  Tonight I hit the Y for a little elliptical followed by an hour long Kettlebells class. My home workout will be Turbo Kick, because that burns like crazy calories.

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