Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just Lose It Challenge: Still Holding Strong

My standing as of last week’s weigh-in is me still holding strong in THIRD place!

That’s awesome when you look at about 400 that signed up (though I am sure many have dropped out). What’s really great is I don’t have as much to lose, but I am pushing very, very hard to lose what I can each week and stay in contention. It’s getting harder and harder!

I had sushi and Tempura last Monday! I had a foot-long sub another day. It didn’t seem to mess up this week’s weigh-in, but could I have done better?

There’s always that question, and I say YES! No one is, nor should be perfect at this healthy lifestyle. You stumble along the way. You take a nibble here or there of the forbidden food, you skip a workout (never me, just saying), or you know you did not push yourself to really do more, you just went through the motion. I always think, if I am going to workout, I better sweat buckets and burn like 1,000 calories each time. You can do the same workout and burn 500, but if I know how to amp it up and burn more, then I’m going for it.
But the workouts are never my stumbling point….it’s the eating. I like food. I like a LOT of food!! I like good tasty food. But for this challenge, I am trying to stay as strict as I possibly can. To lose the most weight in 12 weeks and to WIN, you gotta do what you gotta do. So that said….no, my eating is far from perfect. I could do way better and my results would be even better.
Each week I try and do better. I’ve been doing just enough to keep me in top 10, but now I need to gun for the #1 spot!

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