Monday, September 19, 2011

Just Lose It Challenge: What Does It Take To Be #1

So results are in! After 3 weeks, I am number THREE out of 400 in the Just Lose It weight-loss challenge. I say that is a pretty big deal.

I keep hearing my fave Nelly Song in my head “#1.”

“What does it take to be #1

‘Cuz 2 is not a winner

And 3 nobody remembers.”

RIGHT! Sooooo, I have to really, really buckle down! So the audacity of those at work bringing in a cake for my birthday that I won’t enjoy. Little cheats, little bites, add up to BAD numbers. Staying focus is the name of the game.

I do have a cheat planned for tonight, at a sushi restaurant only because I have been wanting to go since like forever and my Groupon expires soon. My birthday was last Thursday, yet I waited to treat myself till after my Monday morning weigh-in. This gives me all week to burn that off. Plus, I was told by the trainer who weighs me in, it’s time to step it up and switch things up. More inclines/sprints on the treadmill, using the elliptical (I haven’t really used this the last few weeks), and simply doing MORE!

I mean, I do a LOT now, but I have to go all out now. I just ran my second 5K but that’s flippin not enough! I scheduled another in two weeks. I am increasing my weight training. The trainer said go lighter and do more reps. I will be running more! I still have yet to run a 5K without stopping to walk.

My eating, is darn near perfect so I can’t change much with that.

So beyond everything else I do, it’s who else is doing better than me. Maybe they are going hard like me. On the Biggest Loser, you see it all the time, somebody just sneaks up behind you and wins it all. So I actually don’t want to stay #3 the distance, I want it to fluctuate and then really kill it at the end so they don’t see me coming.

I’ll try and post more tips later this week.

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