Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just Lose It Challenge: Go all in!

I will start a 12 week challenge starting tomorrow. I am going all in! The last few weeks I have been lax with my healthy lifestyle. Been eating frozen entrees, eating way too many not so good for me protein bars, snacking on pretzels a few of my kids tata tots and fries here and there….yes, you get the picture.

Although my workouts are always full out, my eating needs a lot of help. A LOT! I don’t have a whole lot to lose, but what I do have to lose is even harder to get off than someone who has to lose 100 pounds. The only way I know I can be successful is to eat totally clean, totally unprocessed foods.

I will drink 12+ cups of water a day. Twelve is my magic number. Anything less than that I am dehydrated. Most days I try and aim for 16, but on average 14 most days. I will *try* and stick to plain water, but I am addicted to Crystal Light and will add that to maybe half of it. Also, my first cup of the day will be warm water with juice of about one lemon in it. This is MAGIC to the body! Trust me, you have to make this a daily habit.

NO ADDED SALT! Very, very, very hard for me! I am a salt addict, forget the sugar, I’ll pick salt over it anyway. By eating more unprocessed foods, that will eliminate added salt to foods. When I cook my veggies…no added salt. When I eat my chicken, fish, even eggs….no salt. No boxed foods, no foods from a bag, no frozen entrees, all loaded with salt.

No sugar! I don’t add much sugar to things, but I will be cutting out any kinds of breads, cereal, sweet treats, cookies and candy. Which brings me to….

LIMITED CARBS! Cutting out all the bad culprit carbs, but keeping the good ones. Jeannette Jenkins thinks oatmeal should be the only carb for the day. Well, I’ll try and add that and a bit of quinoa and maybe Ezekiel bread. Everything else, I’m cutting completely out, at least for the next 12 weeks.
No cheese. Bad for my belly because I am lactose intolerant, plus, I like all the fatty cheeses! And I always overeat it! Two, it bloats you like crazy anyway.

I think doing all these things will help get me back to my goal weight in the quickest amount of time.

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