Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Make Me a Size 0

This is what a co-worker wants me to help her with. Are you kidding me? Whew! Okay, she's already like a 2, so what gives? People, what is the fascination with being super thin? Is this real or just what we see on Hollywood actresses? Now don't get me wrong, I want to be thin too but there has to be a limit. I'm currently a size 4, love my size and just working on toning and firming everything up.

But what is in a size? It's just a number! Is a size 0 better than a size 2 or a 4? Does it really matter. If you have a great body at a 2, why would you desire to be a 0? Just to hear that non-number rattling in your head? Does it make you feel superior over the 4s, 6s, and 8s?

The way I see it, you'll never be happy with your body at any size if you continue to chase some number. Mine was a specific weight. I wanted to be 110 pounds. I'm so close, but not there yet and it's draining me. I have come to realize that, that number really means nothing to me. I am loving my body at 120 and losing a few more pounds is not going to make me love it more. I worked hard to lose over 40 pounds now, so from here on out I appreciate the little things about my body.

No, I don't have a flat stomach. Yes, my arms are still flabby. My legs aren't muscled, my glutes could stand some lifting. But I still LOVE my body. I appreciate the little cellulite on my thighs and the stretchmarks on my hips. I no longer am afraid to wear my two-piece swimsuit. I'm not super skinny like a model, but I feel that I have a body many strive for. A healthy, normal body.

And a s a personal trainer, I'm not doing my clients justice by helping them get to extreme lows. Make you a size 0? Hoe about I make you healthy and we keep it at that.

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