Thursday, May 21, 2009

Addicted to Beach Body!!

I first started Turbo Jam in July of last year. After the first workout I was like, "This is tough!" I was hooked! I love how it was the perfect mix of dance and kickboxing. I loved both. Chalene has an addictive personality too. You want to work out with her.

A few months later, I got turned on to Hip Hop Abs. The "hip hop" element I didn't think about, it was the "abs" I wanted! Anything that works the abs is good with me. So bringing in two elements I love, dancing and core training, was sure to be a hit. The moment I pressed pay I knew I found my perfect match! The dance moves were addictive and I found myself doing them whenever I heard music.

I quickly ordered Level 2 and it was better that the first. More importantly, I was seeing results!! Not only was I losing inches, but I could see the formation of my abs. Hot momma!

So of course becoming a Beach Body coach was inevitable. I hope to spread my love of fitness to others. Next up will be trying Slim in 6 and see what results I will get. Taking before and after pictures on Sunday morning, BEFORE I pig out for the holiday

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  1. You Rock Girl! Love your energy and drive! I'm so excited your a beachbody coach and love having you as apart of my team :)