Sunday, May 17, 2009

1st Blog!

Well, what a day it is already!! I was so busy yesterday I don't think I have much energy today. But somehow I will find it. I had to wake up very early on Saturday, get my little ones ready and we were off by 7 a.m. to the train station. My sorority and I took a day trip on a train about an hour out of St. Louis and then we were back by a chartered bus. I had a little bit of a nap on the bus back. Then we were off again to the mall. We ate at my favorite, Chevy's, and I pigged out like I wasn't the healthnut that I am! Huh! I paid for that bigtime!! My stomach hurt so bad!

We then went to see Wolverine, and me still being bushed, slept a bit there. I was fighting to stay awake and enjoy the movie. I guess I got the gist of it because it was a pretty good movie. Then, instead of going home to hit the sack, we stayed and shopped a bit. We all got new outfits and me a pair of shoes. Finally, I headed home, but do you think I could sleep? NO!! We watched a movie and just relaxed, AND then I finally got to sleep.

All that to introduce myself to my new fitness blog!! Saturday's are usually rest days for me. When the weather is nice, I like to add an afternoon walk, so I can't wait for that. But today is the day that I feel refreshed. On My Spark People page, I was delighted to see that I was honored with Spark Motivator of the Day!!! Woohoo! This is the third time for me and I love it each and every time. It means so much to me! It means I am doing my job. I am motivating others. So I had to start my blog today and see if I could reach even more people. I might come back later today and detail my very strenuous workout I am planning. Gotta get the body right!!

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