Monday, November 21, 2011

Just Lose It Challenge: And the Winner is...

Okay, so sometimes number 2 is a WINNER!

After 12 weeks of working harder than I ever have trying to lose weight, I took second place in the Just Lose It weight Loss Challenge. So proud of myself. I knew I wanted top 3, but there was no guarantees it was going to be easy.

It wasn’t!

Every week, I nervously waited those results. Did I do enough? Did someone else just knock me out the box?? Chris R took an early lead and stayed there pretty much, so he won first place with over 17% loss.

I came in second with over 15% lost.

Ida B took third with 14% lost.

My prize is a Wii game and WiiFit Plus, which I have so I am trying to cash it in. But what I really won was my health, right? I look better, I feel better, and wow, I stayed focus for 12 weeks and did pretty darn good losing 20 pounds in that short time (which actually felt like forever)

I actually gained a few pounds back over the weekend, just pigging out and not caring. But I am back focused today. I still have another weight loss challenge I am in that I have 3 more weeks to get through. Going to be tough, but least I can make it through the holiday attempting to make better food choices.

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