Monday, November 1, 2010


Q: I pigged out over the weekend and gained five pounds, is that possible?

A; No, that is mostly water weight, especially if what you pigged out on was high in sodium. The best way to flush it out is to up your water intake for the next couple of days. It wouldn’t hurt to up your cardio minutes as well. If all the five pounds have not disappeared in a week, just keep at it…no more cheating!!

Q: I like to walk outside, but now it’s getting cold, what else can I do?

A: You can still walk, indoors. Find a place that you can walk, inside track, school’s gym, the mall, or even walk your favorite big box store. You want to walk continuously so no stop and go walking. Also, walking in place at home may work. Put on some of your favorite music and just go for it. You can add moves like side to side, walking backwards, and even add some strength training moves. Try Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds series and see how it’s done.

Q: Time. I don’t have time to work out!

A: Hey, I totally understand, but let’s not freak out. In a 24-hour day, break down where your time is most spent. Can you squeeze in little 15-minute sessions? How about moving things around to fit in a 30-minute workout. Wake up early or stay up later for an extra 30 minutes. While watching TV, fit in a workout. Keep tennis shoes in the car and directly after work, go walking for 20 minutes. If you want to get in shape bad enough, you will find the time.

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