Wednesday, February 1, 2012

P90X Week 5 Day 32

And so I enter a new month….this is my first time doing most of these workouts and I like them! Tuesday I did Shoulders, Chest and Tris for the first time. Last night it was Back and Biceps for the first time.

I am loving Backs and Biceps! My arms are still sore! I did pretty good with all of the moves and competed the whole workout. With Shoulders, Chest and Tris, I did maybe half the workout, and that’s mainly because I had a bootcamp class earlier that day that wore out my muscles.

I am going to try and go heavy with all the moves that I can. My biceps are pretty string, but I was scary last night, still doing 10s. I do have an interchangeable hand weight set that was a 12.5 weight, so I may try using those.

Do I see results so far? Not really. I feel a bit stronger. Have lost a few pounds since the start of the year (actually I lost and gained and lost again which is bad). This month, if I stay focused and on, I hope to finally start seeing results!

I can’t believe I am a third done already! Sheesh!

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