Monday, February 13, 2012

P90X Day 44

Yes, I am still at it! And actually loving it right now. Feeling stronger and seeing results! Not losing any weight, so definitely gaining muscle and that’s fine by me.

Not like Shoulders, Back and Tris at all!! Too many push-ups. And I like push-ups, there’s just too many of them in that workout!! I actually skipped through it last night, only doing the ones I really liked. I also find that Tony talks waaaa-aay too much in that one, and if you fast forward through the 55 minute workout, you’re getting maybe a 45 minute workout.

I am also training for a half marathon in April. Oooo! I have heard that running diminishes any muscle gain. Well, I also read in my new Oxygen magazine that you can gain muscle and run. So we shall see. I am trying to lean out so I can actually seen the muscle. My body fat is super high for my size and that’s just crazy. I’m trying to change the way I eat and see if that will help.

I can't wait to say I have reached Day 90!

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