Thursday, June 4, 2009

No More Lies

The topic for today....STOP LYING!! Be truthful about your weight loss, to yourself, to others. I'm the type of person that gives it to you straight, no chaser. Well, I try and be tactful with it if I barely know you. You know I think we're tight when I don't mince my words.

Hmm, what ticked me off? This excuse I hate to see, "You just gained muscle," when the scale goes up. Ummm, NO!!! Maybe for a pound a two in a week, if you are lifting weights like crazy. But 3-5 pounds, in a week? Of muscle?? Do you honestly think you gained that much muscle in 7 days by doing 2-3 days of weight-lifting? Stop saying this!! Even if this is the case, rare as it may be, STOP SAYING THIS!! Stop saying it to yourself. Stop telling it to others. If someone has gained a few pounds, just be honest with them and ask them if they are honest with themselves. Can you gain 3-5 pounds in a week if you exercise and eat right everyday? Anything is possible when you are dealing with hormones.

But more lies!! You don't ever have to tell me you ate two servings of pasta instead of the one as planned. Or that you ate a bag of M&MS one day. Or that you, for no reason other than it being there, ate your kids' bag of half eaten chips (this was so me last night, and I'm just keeping it real). It happens!! But when that scale doesn't move or goes up, no whining! No giving up because you are doing everything right and you don't know what's going on. Yes you do! You know!! You may not put it in your food tracker. You may not blog and confess it. You may feel so guilty about it you forgot all about it. For 98% of us, weight loss is a mental game. Forget the food, forget the exercise! Get your mind right, and then let's work on the body. Let me say it again because it's my favorite thing to say, GET YOUR MIND RIGHT, AND THEN WORK ON THE BODY!!!

The first thing I ask of the friends I am working with is to be honest with me. If you mess up and fall off track, tell me! We can figure out why and make plans so that it doesn't happen again. I'm so done with the numbers right now. I feel like it's more important for my clients to work on mentally working through this process. If you never fix that, you can drop all the pounds you want but they'll just come back on. No more excuses, NONE! No more, "Well, I'll get back on track Sunday." It's frikkin Tuesday now, so you're going to just sit around do nothing and eat junk for 4 days AND then restart for the umpteenth time? NO!! No more, "I'm doing everything right and the scale's not moving." Throw the scale away and continue to do "everything right." You're improving your health, that's what's good.

I hope I made some people mad. Because I'm mad! I rolled my eyes yesterday when I read this in response to someone gaining so much weight in one week. You're not helping your friends when you tell them they gained 5 pounds of muscle in one week. I'd just rather lose every friend I have, because I'm going to just be honest with them.

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  1. what an awesome blog topic! I love this, and I agree the excuss of "muscle gain" for a 3-5 pound gain in a week is CRAZY! I love that you tell your clients/friends to be honest with you, that way you can work as a team to get them back on track and figure out what they need to work on. I will def. be using this same theory when I start training people.

    Thanks for a great blog post :)