Monday, June 22, 2009

Saturday can be the worse enemy for you waist line

Okay, like most, the weekends effect my weight loss efforts in a big way. What is it about this one day (actually the whole weekend) that sets most of us of course?

Oh yeah, NOT sitting at a desk all day!

NOT having to pack a lunch because like we do during the week.

Going out for activities and stopping for fast food.

Not eating enough because you sleep in most of the day (my excuse!)

Lack of exercise because you had six great days, now you need a rest.

Okay, so I get it. But one day could ruin six perfect days, so is it worth it?

Not to me!

Here's how to relieve some of the pain for those Saturday crazy days.

*Pack all your meals and snacks as if it is any other day.

*Set a routine for the day, just like your work day.

*Eat a small meal before heading out to the movies (or even better, bring your own snacks).

*Incorporate some kind of physical activity into the day, even if it's an extra lap around the mall.


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