Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Look in the mirror

You want to know who's stopping you from making it to your goals? Look in the mirror--it's YOU!

Not your friends who love to go out for pizza and drinks every week and seem to drag you along.

Not your co-workers who bring in goodies every week and tempt you with it.

Not those girl scout cookies hiding out in your cupboard calling your name.

Not your boyfriend who can eat whatever he wants and not gain a single pound (not even an ounce!)

Not the economy which you blame for the high prices in food.

Not the TV that tempts you with so-called reality shows and high drama entertainment.

Not the bad weather either: Yes it's raining, yes it's cold, yes there is snow, yes it 100 degrees today, yes it's too windy, and yes it's too sunny.

Not your "skinny" friends who do nothing and seem to stay in shape.

Not your "fat" friends who have no interest in losing weight.

Not the day of the week, Sunday gets a bad rep for starting over. "Hmm, I'll have the pizza on Friday and start back on track Sunday."

Not the magazine that glamorize the super skinny celebrities: no one said you had to look like them!

Not your children that seem to take up 110% of your time and you find it hard to fined "Me" time.

Not your job, as stressful as it is.

Take a good look in that mirror right now. Only one person determines whether are not you are successful with your new healthy lifestyle. No one or nothing can control your life but YOU!

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